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Approved Stallions
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Requirements for Star Awards for Stallions

  1. Star: Conformation:

    The stallion must obtain at least 220 points as an overall score at the initial ISR/OLD NA inspection.

  2. Star: 100-Day-Test/70 Day Test/10 Day Test:

    The stallion must have obtained a total of at least 120 points or he must be within the first 25% in the ranking of all participating stallions, in order to get a star in the second category,
    or the stallions must have participated in the National Young Horse Championship Finals as a four, five or six year old and achieved a placing of 1st - 8th place.

  3. Star: Sport-Test:

    In order to obtain a star for the third category the stallion must obtain at least:

    • Five placings at first, second or third place at three different, USEF recognized dressage shows in competitions Prix St. Georges or higher with minimum scores of 60 % and under three or more different judges or
    • either five placings in jumping in the top three in Grand Prix classes or three 1st places in Open Classes (minimum at level 8 = 1.45m) or Grand Prix classes at at least three different "A rated" USEF shows or
    • three placings in the top three at recognized Three-Day events at intermediate/advanced level or higher.
  4. Star: Foal Evaluation

    Minimum requirement is a number of 10 premium foals out of all foals by the stallion presented to the registry.

  5. Star: Success of the Offspring
    • 2 licensed or approved stallions with ISR-OLDENBURG N.A. or
    • 5 ISR-OLDENBURG N.A. premium mares or
    • 1 ISR-OLDENBURG N.A. licensed stallion and 3 ISR-OLDENBURG N.A. premium mares or
    • 3 riding horses which are successful (placings 1 through 5) in classes above 4th level dressage or intermediate jumping or preliminary three day events. Imported stallions may get the fifth star award as well for successful offspring in their home country.
    • Superior success in breeding competitions can be taken into consideration as well.

In order to receive the star awards the owner of the stallion has to send an application form and all required documents to the ISR office. Nomination forms can be ordered at the office or can be downloaded under Services/Forms.

Stallions with Star Awards

  1. The stallions are listed in order of the number and position of the stars.

    5 Stars
    */*/*/*/* Bugatti Hilltop
    */*/*/*/* Frohwind
    */*/*/*/* Parabol
    */*/*/*/* Popeye
    */*/*/*/* Royal Prince
    4 Stars
    */*/*/*/- Donavan
    */*/*/*/- Gallarius
    */*/*/*/- Qredit
    */*/*/-/* Idocus
    */*/-/*/* Contucci
    */*/-/*/* Ideal
    */*/-/*/* Versache
    */*/*/*/- Rapture R
    */*/*/*/- Rashka
    */*/-/*/* Regazzoni
    */*/-/*/* Riverman
    */-/*/*/* Rousseau
    3 Stars
    */*/*/-/- Werbellin
    */*/-/*/- Fabuleux
    */*/-/*/- Paparazzo
    */*/-/*/- Royal Appearance
    */*/-/-/* Consul
    */-/*/*/- Cunningham
    */-/*/*/- Donarweiss GGF
    */-/*/*/- Festrausch
    */-/*/*/- Westporte
    -/*/*/*/- Forrest Flame
    -/*/-/*/* Opus
    2 Stars
    */*/-/-/- Abacus
    */*/-/-/- Debonair MF
    */*/-/-/- De Feiner Star
    */*/-/-/- Finery
    */*/-/-/- Locksley I
    */*/-/-/- Rosall
    */*/-/-/- Wamberto
    */*/-/-/- Worthy Opponent
    */-/*/-/- Argentum BSH
    */-/*/-/- Don Hill
    */-/*/-/- Elfenperfekt
    */-/*/-/- Gauguin du Cheval 9054
    */-/*/-/- Goldhills Brandysnap
    */-/*/-/- Pikko Del Cerro HU
    */-/*/-/- Rocazino
    */-/*/-/- Sanceo
    */-/*/-/- Thanks for the Gold
    */-/*/-/- Vallado
    */-/-/*/- Justice
    */-/-/*/- Sternlicht GGF
    -/*/*/-/- Don Principe
    -/*/*/-/- Pik L
    -/*/*/-/- Rubinero
    -/*/-/*/- Don Alfredo
    -/*/-/-/* Dacaprio
    -/*/-/-/* Figaro R
    -/-/*/*/- Le Cavalier
    -/-/-/*/* Roc USA
    -/-/-/*/* Wicked Courtjester
    1 Star
    */-/-/-/- All The Best
    */-/-/-/- Cacique
    */-/-/-/- Cavallo Star
    */-/-/-/- Deklan
    */-/-/-/- Doctor Wendell MF
    */-/-/-/- Embrace
    */-/-/-/- Faro III
    */-/-/-/- Feuri
    */-/-/-/- For Enjoy Ask Z
    */-/-/-/- Forrest Prince
    */-/-/-/- G. Q. Romeo
    */-/-/-/- Galante
    */-/-/-/- Gulf Rising
    */-/-/-/- Hancock
    */-/-/-/- Heroic Times
    */-/-/-/- Prestige II
    */-/-/-/- Rashka II
    */-/-/-/- Silver Snaffles Lady Chaser
    -/*/-/-/- Ehrentanz
    -/*/-/-/- Wasabi
    -/-/*/-/- ArdCeltic Art
    -/-/*/-/- Beaulieu's Talisman
    -/-/*/-/- Commonwealth TRF
    -/-/*/-/- Corcovado
    -/-/*/-/- Daventry's Power Play
    -/-/*/-/- GK Calucci
    -/-/*/-/- Goldhills Master Bronze
    -/-/*/-/- Icarus/Any Given Sunday
    -/-/*/-/- Ironman
    -/-/*/-/- Landsong
    -/-/*/-/- More Like It
    -/-/*/-/- Platinum Vom Rappenhof
    -/-/*/-/- Rave Review
    -/-/*/-/- Samba De Landetta Z
    -/-/*/-/- Sea Lion
    -/-/*/-/- Wildwych Eclipse
    -/-/-/*/- Baladin d'Oc
    -/-/-/*/- Balanchine
    -/-/-/*/- Don de Marco
    -/-/-/*/- Redwine
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