The Oldenburg Registry North America and International Sporthorse Registry (ISR-Oldenburg NA) - was founded in 1983. North America needs an independent Sport Horse Breed Organization which works on the basis of 200 years of European experience and as successful as European registries. America needs its own source for the sport horses of the future!

The ISR - Oldenburg Registry N.A. is North America's largest independent Sport Horse Breeding Organization which complies to the highest international standards for modern sport horse breeding:

  • Open books for all approved sport horse blood lines from North America and Europe
  • Mandatory inspection of all stallions, mares and foals
  • Mandatory stallion performance tests according to European / German standards
These three standards helped to achieve our top quality of sport horses bred in North America!
The Registry conducts a sophisticated, competitive breeding program through the careful selection, testing and approval of stallions and mares and through the evaluation and registration of offspring.

The Registry's breeding goal to produce modern sport horses, competitive to the horses from Europe and most suitable for dressage or hunter and jumping sports has been achieved.

ALL High Score/Premium Foals and Premium Mares online! 10/10/18
You now find ALL 2018 High Score and Premium Foals as well as ALL Premium Mares online! Please check under AWARDS.
High Score Mares will follow soon!
2018 Approved Stallions 10/08/18
Congratulations! These stallions have been approved in 2018.
More to follow soon!

More details about these stallions will be uploaded in November!

Barbarossa, Horse of Corff Ranch, Deborah Corff, OK
Billy Echo, Last Laugh Farm, Ellen & David R. Brown, PA
Chin Champ's Calando, Camelot Stables, Diana McDonald, BC
Conifer, Maggie's Menagerie, Maggie Sjoberg, GA
Daily Show, Leslie Waterman, TN
Dauntless Debonair/Pony, Helen V. Frederick, NC
Daxibus Normandy, New Normandy Farm, Arnaud & Stephanie deCrevecoeur, PA
Diego Dolphin/Pony, Hidden Creek Horses, Donna Miller, GA
Don Roncalli, Eurequine LLC, Edgar Schutte, CA
Encandecent, Patience Prine-Carr, CA
Fasching, Patricia Hall, FL
Fastelnacht, Patricia Hall, FL
FCF Oberons Vanity, Dawn Jones-Low, VT
Hamlet/Hero BHS, Justine Wilson, SC
Hogholm's Cobra One, Warmblood's Performing Syndicate, NC
Irie, Ursula Ferrier, MD
Lord Adonis, Eurequine LLC, Edgar Schutte, CA
Phantom El Pino, Skyler Lisitza, IL
PH Oh Arrhythms Legacy, Heather Lieblang, AR
Rankrado, Rankrado LLC, Rosie Julian-Simoes, IL
Relevantus, Eurequine LLC & Rainbow Equus Meadows, Edgar Schutte & Susan Worthington, CA
Rip Tide, Exact Equine Inc., Jessica & Max Wilcox, CA
Royal Prinz, Teresa & Willard Simmons, AL
Sole Mio, Leslie Waterman, TN
Starry Night/Pony, Sandra Laprise, ON
St. Royal Koenig, Helen V. Frederick, NC
Wiittala Theodor, Henriikka Makinen, FL
Wild Escort, Cindy Wilkins, CA

ISR Registration without inspection through the mail 10/05/18
If there is no inspection site close to you or if you want to register an older horse or did not have the chance to come to an inspection, contact the office at isreg@aol.com for forms to register your horse by mail.
Do you have any eligibility questions? 05/30/18
If you don't know, if your mare is eligible for approval or your foal eligible for registration, feel free to call us at 815-899-7803 or send an email to isreg@aol.com
WFFS - Info 05/15/18
The registry offers breeders a test via UC Davis.
Forms may be retrieved from the section: Services/Forms-Download Forms.

For details about this test and results check the info from UC Davis.