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    Bid (in US$):
    Conrad I
    Stallion: Conrad I
    High Bid (booking fee included!): $426
    Collection Fee: $150
    Shipping Fee: at cost per FedEx
    Deposit on Container: ---
    Breeding season: Apr 15 - Sep 1
    Owner's Comments: Conrad I completed his 100 Day Test at Paxton Farm in 2004 as a four year old and was 4th out of 19 stallions. He has since had a very successful career in the jumper ring with several amateur riders. He has a wonderful temperament and work ethic which he passes on to his offspring. He has sired many premium foals who have gone on to be stars in the show ring.

    One of those premium foals, Coronado, received his lifetime breeding license in 2017. His offspring are athletic and beautiful movers, they are kind, smart and amateur friendly. Whether you are looking to produce a jumper, hunter or dressage prospect Conrad I will not disappoint.

    For further information about the stallion go to APPROVED STALLIONS.
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