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  1. The bidding is over
    Info: You may overwrite this with any higher amount.
    Bid odd amounts (e.g. 967) to avoid ties! BOOKING FEES are included!
    Bid (in US$):
    Quincy Car
    Stallion: Quincy Car
    High Bid (booking fee included!): $451
    Collection Fee: $350.00
    Shipping Fee: $85.00- $100.00
    Deposit on Container: N/A
    Breeding season: Apr. 1 - June 30
    Owner's Comments: All of Quincy Car's offspring are very Straight Forward. They move nice, jump in good form, they are easy to break and have a very nice temperament. Quincy has produced nice Hunters and Jumpers. Quincy himself has shown at the World Equestrian Games and Pan American Games.
    Quincy Car on Facebook
    For further information about the stallion go to APPROVED STALLIONS.
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