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    Bid (in US$):
    O' Pierre
    Stallion: O' Pierre
    High Bid (booking fee included!): $391
    Collection Fee: $275.00
    Shipping Fee: at cost (approx. $75.-)
    Deposit on Container: disposable-none
    Breeding season: Mar. 1 - Jul. 31
    Comments: also frozen semen available - extra shipping charges apply.
    Owner's Comments: During O'Pierre's stallion inspection, he received gait scores as high as 9's and a 8 for his jumping ability. O'Pierre has 3 elastic and ground covering gaits. O'Pierre has natural uphill movement and his already showing good talent for passage and piaffe. One of O'Pierre's best qualities is his brain and confidence that he his also passing on to his offspring.
    O'Pierre has also passed on his fancy gaits, arched neck and short back to his offspring.

    In 2016, O'Pierre was ranked 20th in the nation for the FEI Test for 5-year olds and was the ISR Reserve National Champion in the same category. O"Pierre is sired by Opus (Olympic Idocus) and is out of a ISR Premium Del Pierro Mare. in 2019, O'Pierre was shown at third level with scores as high as 68% and was High Point at Third Level. O'Pierre will be shown at 4th Level in 2020.
    O' Pierre at Timber Ridge Equestrian Center

    For further information about the stallion go to APPROVED STALLIONS.
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