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    Bid (in US$):
    Diego Dolphin- Pony
    Stallion: Diego Dolphin- Pony
    High Bid (booking fee included!): $426
    Collection Fee: $325
    Shipping Fee: incl. in coll.
    Deposit on Container: ---
    Breeding season: Apr - July
    Comments: collection + shipping w/in USA, Auction winner will be required to sign contract
    Owner's Comments: Diego Dolphin is a 2015 British Sport Horse stallion sired by Glencarrin Dolphin, Connemara Pony stallion and Premium graded stallion with the SHB (Sport Horse Britain) and out of Triple Echo, 7/8 TB and grade 1 mare by Primitive Rising. Diego's dam has produced several horses to the upper levels of eventing in England. Diego is also a registered half bred Connemara stallion with the American Connemara Pony Society. Registration Number HB S 1314Llll. The possibilities are endless for what this colt could sire depending on what mares are put to him. He has the temperament, athletic ability and ruggedness of the Connemara, as well as the blood of the TB.

    Additionally, all offspring from this colt will be register-able with the American Connemara Pony Society as Connemara Sport Horses. Foals by Diego can be registered with the American Connemara Pony Society as Connemara Sport Horses. Additionally, for ISR-Oldenburg approved mares, foals may be registered ISR-Oldenburg Sport Pony.
    Diego Dolphin at Hidden Creek Horses
    Diego Dolphin on Facebook

    For further information about the stallion go to APPROVED STALLIONS.
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