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    Info: You may overwrite this with any higher amount.
    Bid odd amounts (e.g. 967) to avoid ties! BOOKING FEES are included!
    Bid (in US$):
    Stallion: Fastelnacht
    High Bid (booking fee included!): $291
    Collection Fee: $395.00
    Shipping Fee: incl. in collection in US
    Deposit on Container: incl. in collect
    Breeding season: Feb. 14 - Jun. 15
    Comments: also frozen semen
    Owner's Comments: Fastelnacht is a wonderful stallion with large striding gaits and a great jump. At 17 hands and 22cm cannon he will add size and bone to any breeding program. His sweet, honest and willing temperament are a pleasure to work with as he trains to enter his show jumping career.
    For further information about the stallion go to APPROVED STALLIONS.
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