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    Forrest Prince* - Pony
    Stallion: Forrest Prince* - Pony
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    Owner's Comments: Forrest Prince* is an excellent choice for dressage and hunter/jumper breeding. Excellent temperament and rideability (received a perfect "10" for temperament at his licensing!), combined with lovely gaits and incredible jumping ability! Some notable achievements thus far: 2009 Premium Colt and Site Champion; 2013 received first star for excellent score at Stallion Perfomance Test; 2014 Montana 2'3' Hunter U/S and O/F Champion and received full licensing; 2016 Very successful dressage season with adult amateur owner/rider - many scores in the 70s incl. USDF Region 6 Training Level Champion and 3rd place First Level championships.
    Forrest Prince at Bridger Canyon Stallion Station
    For further information about the stallion go to APPROVED STALLIONS.
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