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Inspection Procedure for Foals/Yearlings

  1. The time schedule for inspections is available end of March of the current year. You'll find it on the web under INSPECTIONS - Tour Schedule.
  2. All participants must contact the inspection host in advance about the number of horses (stallions, mares, foals) they will bring along as well as about stabling needed, directions and other local information, or starting times. Advanced enrollment with the host at least FOUR weeks prior to the inspection is required. Please retrieve the ENROLLMENT FORM (in the SERVICES section). All participants should check in with the inspection host, upon arrival at the site. For some sites the number of horses might be limited due to limited room, parking etc.
  3. Participants should be on the grounds and ready to show at the starting time indicated by the host but should arrive approx. One hour before to have some extra time for check in. Time of evaluation can be subject to change due to the unpredictable nature of airlines and ground transportation for the judges.
  4. Branding will be done only at the end of all classes scheduled for the day. If your foal is to be branded and is not happy being tied to the trailer for several hours, please make arrangements for stabling or accommodations (for a fee) with the host in advance. Foals will be branded ISR or OLDENBURG N.A. on the left hip. Branding is not mandatory.
    DO NOT leave the grounds until you have completed all paperwork and branding. Retrieve your papers, pick up score sheets and pay your fees.
  1. Please, keep always in mind and honor that all hosts voluntarily set up their inspections and spend a lot of time and money to make it work!