The Oldenburg Registry North America and International Sporthorse Registry (ISR-Oldenburg NA) - was founded in 1983. North America needs an independent Sport Horse Breed Organization which works on the basis of 200 years of European experience and as successful as European registries. America needs its own source for the sport horses of the future!

The ISR - Oldenburg Registry N.A. is North America's largest independent Sport Horse Breeding Organization which complies to the highest international standards for modern sport horse breeding:

  • Open books for all approved sport horse blood lines from North America and Europe
  • Mandatory inspection of all stallions, mares and foals
  • Mandatory stallion performance tests according to European / German standards
These three standards helped to achieve our top quality of sport horses bred in North America!
The Registry conducts a sophisticated, competitive breeding program through the careful selection, testing and approval of stallions and mares and through the evaluation and registration of offspring.

The Registry's breeding goal to produce modern sport horses, competitive to the horses from Europe and most suitable for dressage or hunter and jumping sports has been achieved.

First High Score Foals and Premium Foals online! 08/24/16
You'll find the first 2016 High Score and Premium Foals online! Please check under AWARDS.

More to follow!
Tour Schedule 2016 - New site in TX! New time Split Rail! 08/19/16
You'll find the 2016 tentative tour schedule under INSPECTIONS.

Let us know, if there is no site close to you, so we can find a solution.

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2016 Approved Stallions 08/17/16
Congratulations! These stallions have been approved in 2016.
More to come soon!

Chester, Senelt, Murat/ Folgueras, Annette, MD
Coronado, Nancy Desmedt, IL; standing at Meadow Brook Farm, IL
Finery, Anne Howard, VT; standing at Hilltop Farm, MD
Heroic Times, Norman, Melanie / Mendoza, Julio, NC
Rubinero, Dawn Bernardo, FL; standing at Hilltop Farm, MD
Stormy River DZ, Stephanie Collomb Dressage, VA
New Horses for Sale 07/11/16
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Congratulations to our breeders! 04/14/16
Revised lists:
USEF Leading Breeders 2015 and
USEF Leading Sires 2015
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